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Commercial Marketing Assistant Course

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Welcome to the $100B+ Insurance Restoration Industry

WELCOME TO THE NOW $330B+ STORM RESTORATION INDUSTRY! In this course, we are going to discuss the size and growth of the Insurance Restoration Industry, on a global level, in the United States, and the leading catastrophes that lead to insured losses and property damage. We will look back at the 2016 and 2017 storm seasons, losses, and insured losses, and make the case that Climate Change is real. This represents a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for Contractors, Key Managers, and Sales Associates working in the industry. Are you ready to capitalize on this explosive opportunity?

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Scouting & Brainstorming

In this course you will learn the basics and advanced tactics of scouting storms. You will learn how to use current technology to detect when storms hit, how to select the right storms to work, and how to mobilize your teams quickly to capitalize on those storms and catastrophic events. Learn how to scout and find "sleepers" which can make your entire year!

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Commercial Sales Training

So you want to be Large Loss Boss? In this course, you will learn some simple steps to get you started selling large commercial projects and business, earning you: BIG REVENUES. BIG PROFITS. BIG COMMISSIONS.

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Selling & Cold Calling

In this course, you will see different sales pitches and use of knowledge at the door for a variety of both residential and commercial properties in post storm environments from hailstorms to hurricanes. Great short courses to learn the sales pitch and get those property inspections set up if you are an industry Sales Associate, Canvasser or anyone responsible for cold calling, and generating both residential and/or commercial leads and sales.

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Retail: Door to Door Sales

In this Course, Sam Taggart and Anthony Delmedico discuss cold calling techniques that work at the door and have some fun with a variety of door approaches that can work in both STORM and NON-STORM RETAIL markets to get more Property Inspections and Estimates lined up, and ultimately get more Customers and Sales.
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CRM & Contractors

In this course, we meet with the Founder of Contractor's Cloud and discuss the history and evolution of the industry CRM. We will show you the basics of how any CRM is useful to an industry contractor and their teams. We will also show how some CRMs can produce higher level reporting to make important business decisions.